Seavine Weather

Downloadable in the Apple iOS store and coming soon to Google Play! Click on the app icon to redirect to the Apple app store!

Seavine Weather is powered by Dark Sky for the most accurate and up-to-date conditions.

We've programmed all of the WGI World Championship performance arenas for your ease of use in the app!

App Developed by Thomas Claesen.

Will WGI finals be nice and sunny this year, or overcast and rainy? Seavine Weather features the Rhythm X Plateline through all of Mother Nature’s conditions! RXP is sporting the latest Seavine swag including The Cymbal Gloves, zip-up, t-shirt, tank top, sunglasses, cymbal pads, and cymbal straps.

Like what you see from the Rhythm X Plateline members? Click on the link in the app to purchase on our online store or at our booth in the WGI Expo Tent!