Cymbal Pads (Sold in Pairs)

Cymbal Pads (Sold in Pairs)


New to the Seavine family we present to you Cymbal Pads! This product includes the Cymple Pad Covers you have come to love and cherish. Our Cymbal Pads are made of 100% recycled material from our friends at Beetle Percussion. They will last longer than your standard cymbal pad and will reduce the friction from the contact to your cymbals.  This is beneficial in the most basic of flipping to the most advanced release and reloading style visuals.  Not only does it serve function, but it can also add color and flair to your cymbals and playing.  Cymbal Pads can be made in any color that The Cymbal Gloves are manufactured in. Order blue Cymbal Pads and now you get a blue flash and color to your cymbal flipping, crashing, tossing and to match your uniform. Why not get a pair of Cymbal Pads to match your gloves?

Be sure to include what color you would like your Cymbal Pads made in if you choose the custom option on the following order form.  Custom orders ship in approximately 2 weeks rather than 24-48 hours on standard orders.

Proudly made in the USA!

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