The Hornline Gloves

The Hornline Gloves


The Hornline Gloves are a necessary part of every brass, woodwind, and cymbal players’ rehearsal and performance gear.  Unlike other marching band gloves on the market, Seavine Hornline Gloves are made to last longer, fit better, and look cooler.

The spandex material makes them superior to the standard cotton constructed gloves on the market. The elasticity of the fabric make The Hornline Gloves sleek, durable, and formfitting.

Want a color besides black or white? Need one hand to be orange and the other blue? We can do that too!  Send us an email for more details!

The Different Styles:

The Hornline Gloves come in 4 main styles. You can choose the long style that goes up to the performer's elbow or the short version that sits just above the wrist.  In both lengths you have the choice to have the full hand covered (commonly used for brass players) or with no fingertips (commonly used for woodwind players).

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Sizing Information:

While we are still putting together a more accurate sizing chart, here are a few helpful tips in choosing what size is best for the performer.  Your size for a pair of The Hornline Gloves typically correlates with what size cotton band glove you have previously worn or Cymbal Gloves.  The material is elastic so there is some play in size. 

Washing Instructions:

For cleaning and upkeep, The Hornline Gloves are safe to machine wash in cold water.  Do NOT put in the dryer, hang up for best results.

Length of Glove:
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